Wednesday, December 1, 2010

George Washington's Great Grand-parents Col. Augustine Warner and Mildred Reade - and Royal Ancestry of George Washington

The parents of George Washington's grandmother, Mildred Warner, were the powerful Colonel Augustine Warner, Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses, and Mildred Reade. It was from his great-grandmother Mildred Reade that George Washington derives most of his royal ancestry (see postings below for details - tracing George Washington's royal ancestry back to William "the Conqueror" and Charlemagne, as well as most of the kings of England, France, Scotland, Spain and even the Prince of Kiev (Russia). Meanwhile, Colonel Augustine Warner was the son of Augustine Warner, for a time the Acting Governor of Virginia. Above is a painting of Colonel Augustine Warner. The ancestors of Mildred Reade leading back to her royal ancestry were:
father - Colonel George Reade
grandmother - Mildred Windebank
great grandmother - Francis Dymoke
great great grandmother - Anne Tailboys
great great great grandmother - Elizabeth Gascoigne
great great great great grandmother - Margaret Percy
great great great great great grandfather - Henry Percy IX, Earl of Northumberland
great great great great great great grandmother - Eleanor Neville
great great great great great great grandfather and grandmother - Ralph de Neville and Joan Beaufort (see postings below to pick up genealogy with them)